Summer opening.





Welcome to the newly renovated Fafleralp campsite. We are expected to be open until 27.10.2024.
Please note that we do not accept reservations. Just drop by!

Thank you very much

The Fafleralp Team and Die Lötschentaler

Simply more impressions

Welcome to the Lötschental!
The Gastro und Camping is a cooperation partner of "The Lötschental Hotel Cooperation". They offer you authentic Lötschental holiday experiences.

Holidays at Camping Fafleralp are an experience of a special kind: behind the tent, in front of the tent, everywhere you look you can feel the alpine charm that characterises the only campsite in the Lötschental.



Please note that we do not accept bookings for the campsite in advance. Our guests can arrive spontaneously and find their place on our campsite. Enjoy the freedom of camping and let nature surprise you.

We look forward to welcoming you and offering you an unforgettable stay.